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“Choksi will be back soon,” says lead lawyer Ujjwal Nikam | India News


NEW DELHI: Lead attorney and expert on extradition-related matters, Ujjwal Nikam, said Thursday that based on arguments in the Dominican court, it can be assumed that fugitive diamantaire Mehul Choksi will be turned over to Indian authorities.
“The legal proceedings are ongoing in the Dominican court, but we all know that with the legal proceedings the efforts at the diplomatic level are also happening simultaneously. We all hope that our legal battle in the Dominican court and the efforts of our diplomatic channel will bear fruit and Choksi will. It will soon be returned, “said Ujjwal Nikam.
“The Dominican Court is mainly to decide on the issue of the entry of Mehul Choksi into the country or not. After that, it would be another question that custody should be given to which country India or Antigua. This will be interesting to see what facts and arguments on which the Dominican court ultimately relies, but based on the arguments in court we can assume that it will be turned over to the Indian authorities, “said Nikam.
He also added that India has successfully submitted documents of its Indian citizenship, including Aadhaar card, surveillance notice, Interpol notices and Mumbai Court NBW.
Speaking about the removal of Choksi’s citizenship, Nikam said that there is a misconception on the mind of Choksi and his lawyer about it.
“There is a misconception in Mehul Choksi and in the mind of his lawyer that according to section 9 of the Indian citizenship law, his citizenship is canceled by default if he acquires the citizenship of some other country,” he said.
“But I would like to remind you that according to Subsection 2 of Section 9 of the Indian Citizenship Act, there are some conditions for a person’s citizenship to expire; it does not happen by default.”
“We even have documents that the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne, has raised issues about his Antigua citizenship because he suppressed the facts while obtaining it. The Dominican lawyer had already appealed to the court for Choksi to be handed over to India. “he added.
In addition, he said that this is an important case for Antigua to set a precedent if it will allow citizenship to scammers and fugitives from other countries for investing some amount in the country.
Meanwhile, Vijay Aggarwal, lawyer for fugitive diamantaire said today that a court of justice in Dominica has rejected Mehul Choksi’s request for bail in connection with his illegal entry into the country.
Choksi had disappeared from Antigua on May 23 after dining out and was soon captured in Dominica after Antigua police launched a manhunt for Mehul Choksi last month. (AND ME)

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