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41 cities identify 400 km lanes to be developed as dedicated lanes to promote cycling | India News


NEW DELHI: In a first city exercise to promote cycling, 41 cities have identified 400 km of arterial roads and 3,500 km in neighborhood areas to develop as dedicated bike lanes and preparatory work has begun.
While Jabalpur has launched the Cycle2Work campaign, where senior officials pedal to office once a week, the Rajkot municipal body has distributed cycles to employees and rewarded them for their efforts. Encouraged by the local urban body, other business organizations also adopted the Cycle2Work campaign, offering incentives to employees, inducing a shift towards cycling.
National work to popularize cycling has started under India’s Cycles4Change Challenge launched by the Smart Cities Mission of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. World Bicycle Day was celebrated in all cities to promote cycling.
Cycling has gained popularity in all countries after the Covid-19 outbreak as it serves as an alternative mode of travel for short and medium distance trips and also to keep people in good physical and mental shape.
Cities such as Bhubaneswar, Surat, Kochi and Greater Warangal have used traffic cones, bollards and paintings to test interventions. Aurangabad has reused tires as planters to separate its bike lanes from motor vehicle traffic. Vadodara and Gurugram have made intersections safer for cyclists and pedestrians to cross by painting colorful crosswalks, while Chandigarh has also installed bicycle signs to prioritize cyclists at crossings.
“To make neighborhood streets safer for everyone, cities like Bengaluru and Jabalpur designated ‘slow zones.’ They slowed down their streets through speed switches, chicanes, and road signs. To make the streets safer for women, cities installed streetlights and organized community activities to reactivate dead spaces, ”said an official involved in this project.

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