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Now 33.3% of posts in all Bihar medical and engineering faculties will be reserved for women | India News


PATNA: Now the 33.3% minimum seats in all engineering and medical colleges in Bihar would be reserved for women.
In a groundbreaking decision, CM Nitish Kumar on Wednesday ordered officials from the science and technology and health and medical education departments to take the necessary steps to reserve a minimum of 33.3% of seats for girls at the time of the admission to all faculties of engineering and medicine.
“The proposed 33.3% quota for girls would be implemented in all medical and engineering colleges statewide beginning with the next academic session (2021-22). With this, Bihar would become the first state (in the country) to provide a 33.3% horizontal quota for girls in technical school, an IAS officer with the rank of secretary told TOI on Wednesday, who declined to be identified.
Chairing a high-level meeting via videoconference from his residence, Nitish said: “The reservation of a minimum of 33.3% of seats for the fair sex will lead to a further increase in the number of women in all technical institutions. It would be something unique. With this decision, women will be more motivated to pursue technical and higher education. ”
The CM further said that engineering colleges were opening in all 38 districts of the state. Several medical schools have also been opened in the state in recent years.
“Our main goal is that the boys and girls of Bihar do not have to leave the state for engineering studies and medical courses,” Nitish said at the meeting.
The CM also reviewed two proposed bills, which will be presented at the next session of the state assembly to establish two new universities exclusively for the engineering and medical science streams.
After the enactment of the proposed bills, all engineering colleges across the state will be governed by the proposed ‘Bihar Engineering University’, while all state medical schools by the proposed ‘University of Medical Sciences of Bihar ‘.
The state currently has 38 government-run engineering colleges and 17 engineering colleges in the private sector. All of these universities would fall under the purview of the proposed Bihar University of Engineering.
Bihar currently has nine government and six private medical schools. Work continues to open 11 more medical schools across the state. All these medical schools would fall within the scope of the proposed “Bihar University of Medical Sciences”.
In addition to these two new universities, the Nitish government has also planned to establish two more new universities, one exclusively for the sports sector and the other for arts and culture.

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