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Government Releases Roadmap to Establish Centralized Farmer Database | India News


NEW DELHI: The Center has submitted a roadmap to establish a centralized farmer database, Agri Stack, as part of its effort to create a digital ecosystem for the agricultural sector, bringing all information related to agriculture to one platform .
The database will eventually link to farmers’ land records across the country, generating unique farmer identifications (such as’ Aadhaar ‘) for more than Rs 14 crore of farmers with land in India. Under Agri Stack, information related to all benefits and assistance provided through various government schemes will also be kept in one place.
“The dream of a self-sufficient and digital India will only come true if it is brought into the agricultural sector,” said Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar when presenting the roadmap on Tuesday. “His final document will guide digital agriculture in the future,” he said. A database with details of five crore farmers has been prepared. It is expected to be completed soon with the incorporation of details of all landowner farmers. Officials believe the data will help farmers make informed decisions about choosing crops, seed varieties and when to plant to maximize yield.

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