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Covid-19: 56% of children who lost one or both parents in the age group 4 to 13 | India News


NEW DELHI: Of the 9,346 children who lost both parents, one parent, or were abandoned during the pandemic as of May 29 of this year, 788 were under 3 years old, 5,226 between 4 and 13 years old, and 3,332 belong to the group. aged from 14 to 17 years.
The gender breakdown of the data, shared by the National Commission for the Protection of Children’s Rights as part of its affidavit in the Supreme Court on Tuesday, shows that out of 9,346 children, the figure that district officials put in “ Bal Swaraj ”(Covid Care Link), 4860 are boys and 4486 girls.

Between March of last year and May, 1,742 children were orphaned, 7,464 lost one of their parents and 140 were abandoned. The statistics also reflect the current shelter status of the children and it turns out that 6612 children are with single parents, 1221 with guardians and 985 with a family member.

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Covid has devastated thousands of families across India. Orphans are its most vulnerable victims. The NCPCR data shows the enormity of the task in the face of the state. Those who are committed to their rehabilitation have a challenge and a mission in their hands.

Data on institutional care shows that 275 are in children’s homes, 38 in orphanages, 31 in special adoption agencies, 18 in open foster homes, and one in an observation home. UP has the highest number of such children in 2110, followed by Bihar (1327) and Kerala (952). Bengal has reported only 1 orphaned child and Delhi has reported 5 children (2 orphans and 3 having only one parent).

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