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Committed to Returning Mehul Choksi, Antigua’s Prime Minister Tells TOI Even as the Mystery About the Woman Deepens | India News


MUMBAI: The government of Antigua and Barbuda has reiterated its commitment that Mehul Choksi be repatriated to India, even as mystery continues to surround the identity of the woman who allegedly lured the fugitive jeweler with a honey trap.
“My administration supports your request that Dominica extradite Choksi directly back to India, where he is still a citizen. Instead of submitting to an investigation as required by law, he used the courts to suspend the revocation of his citizenship, “Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Geston Browne told TOI on Tuesday night (IST).
“Choksi changed his lawyer for a well-known member of the UPP; former UPP attorney general, Justin Simon. We have a reliable authority that the UPP had promised protection to Choksi, for the financing of the campaign, ”said the Prime Minister, who increases the attack on the opposition United Progressive Party. “That is why they are so vehement that he should not be deported from Dominica to India, but back to Antigua, where he could continue to hide behind constitutional protections for citizenship.”
On October 14, 2019, the Government of Antigua revoked Choksi’s citizenship. According to an order, in the possession of TOI, the revocation of citizenship was affected by “Willful concealment of material facts and / or misrepresentation to support your application for Antigua and Barbuda citizenship.” Browne rejected the suggestion that sending Choksi back to India from Dominica would be a violation of his rights.

“The claim that my request for the government of Dominica to deport him directly to India is a violation of Choksi’s constitutional rights is absurd. Choksi does not enjoy that right in Dominica as an illegal alien and, since he is not within the jurisdiction of Antigua and Barbuda, we do not have jurisdiction over him and therefore we could not violate his constitutional rights by requesting his direct deportation to the India to face charges against him. him ”, explained the Prime Minister, stating:“ My administration has always acted with probity and we continue to cooperate with the governments of India and Dominica to deport him directly to India ”.
Meanwhile, there are different theories about the woman who was seen with Choksi. One claim is that it was trapped in honey. Another version is that she was an active member of the kidnapping team that ‘transported Choksi to Dominica’. There are even claims that she is an Indian agent. When asked about intelligence on the mystery woman, Browne said his government has no knowledge of this. “I don’t know anything about the woman who was apparently with him. Choksi claimed that he lured him to the kidnapping at his home, ”he said.
Choksi’s lawyer denies political ties
Later that night, Choksi’s lawyer in Antiga, Justin Simon, said he was unaware of any relationship between the Indian diamantaire and UPP. “I was appointed Attorney General under the UPP administration and served for 10 years since April 2004. I continue to support the Party but I am not a member of the Executive Branch or the Electoral District. I am not aware of any relationship between Mr. Choksi and the UPP or of any monetary donation from Mr. Choksi, as stated by the Prime Minister, nor has there been any promise of protection.
“The UPP has simply said that the judicial process must be allowed to continue and that the government must respect its legal and constitutional rights. In my opinion, the prime minister’s rash remarks undermine the rule of law and show absolutely no respect for the judicial process. It was under his administration that Mr. Choksi obtained citizenship.
“Should I now question the legitimacy of that grant now that it has been made public that during the application process, Mr Choksi was being investigated in India? The quackery of the prime minister on this serious matter is cause for speculation and much concern.” , Simmon said in a statement to TOI.

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