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WHO honors Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan for his work in the area of ​​tobacco control | India News


NEW DELHI: Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan received the ‘WHO Director General Special Recognition Award’ on Monday for his achievements in the area of ​​tobacco control.
In his pledge to stay tobacco-free on the occasion, Vardhan said: “People who use tobacco or smoke cigarettes can face further complications from Covid-19 that can even lead to death. They face an additional 40-50% risk due to this habit. ”
Each year, WHO recognizes individuals or organizations in each of the six WHO regions for their achievements in the field of tobacco control. This recognition takes the form of the WHO Director-General’s Special Recognition Award and World No Tobacco Day Awards. WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said Vardhan’s leadership was instrumental in the 2019 national legislation to ban e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products. “I am pleased to award Harsh Vardhan Special Recognition for Tobacco Control,” he tweeted.

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