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The fate of the delimitation commission at J&K is at stake again: JKNPP | India News


JAMMU: Political parties in the Union territory are raising doubts about the government’s intention after one of the members of the Delimitation Commission constituted 15 months ago to redraw the boundaries of the electoral districts of the Jammu assembly and Kashmir moved to take on another mission.
The Jammu and Kashmir National Panther Party (JKNPP) said Tuesday that the fate of the delineation at J&K is back in balance as the government does not take it seriously.
“Since one of the Delimitation Commission members, Sushil Chandra, was elevated as the Chief Elections Commissioner of India (CEC) and no substitute was provided in his place, the Delimitation Commission announced for J&K has demonstrated a once again be a hoax. ” Harsh Dev Singh, president of JKNPP, said on Tuesday.
Singh noted that the commission was announced on February 20, 2020, with three members.
Now, the previous notification of February 20, 2020, extended in March 2021 for one more year, must also be modified by a presidential notification. However, the government preferred to remain silent without clarifying the status of the commission. that it had to originally file its report within the specified period for that purpose, “Singh said.
Claiming that the BJP government in the Center is reluctant to maintain the boundary at J&K, Singh claimed that BJP wants to continue its rule of power in the new UT and retain all powers for itself.
He said that the people of J&K are being deprived of their democratic right to a duly elected government of their choice.
“Since the last assembly was dissolved in 2018, elections to the legislature were required to take place immediately, in line with the rule of law. The BJP regime, however, not only challenged democratic norms and procedures, but also bypassed the basic law enunciated by the Supreme Court, which provided for ‘the holding of elections to the assemblies within six months in all states. where the assemblies were dissolved prematurely, ‘he said.
“With the uncertainty surrounding the boundary lines, J&K is doomed to be run by representatives from out of state, with little accountability to the people here,” Singh said.

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