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Stalin and other DMK leaders are responsible for vaccinations in Tamil Nadu: BJP head of state L Murugan | India News


CHENNAI: BJP Tamil Nadu Unit Chairman L Murugan charged on Tuesday that DMK leader MK Stalin had raised doubts about Covid-19 vaccination when he was the opposition leader and this resulted in doubts about the vaccine among the public.
Until recently, daily vaccinations had been around 30,000 and several hundred vials of the vaccines had been wasted due to hesitancy among people to receive the vaccine, he said.
“Stalin, the then leader of the opposition and now the prime minister, and his party leaders raised doubts about his security. The incorrect campaign against vaccination had created panic among the public, resulting in poor vaccination. But the DMK leaders took the blows, ”Murugan said while addressing reporters at the party headquarters.
“Now, vaccination has improved. The central government has also taken the necessary steps to vaccinate the entire eligible population in the country, including Tamil Nadu, by November this year, ”he said.
It rejected the allegation that the Center was showing disparity in the allocation of vaccines to states not governed by BJP.
Murugan said that Tamil Nadu would gradually receive the vaccine. “We hope that the state receives the appropriate vaccine,” he said.
When asked about the Union government’s delay in responding to the Tamil Nadu government’s request to hand over the Chengalpet integrated vaccine complex to the state government, Murugan said it was not a “mechanic or a truck shed”, as the experts should inspect the facilities and take the call.
He said that only two companies in the country were manufacturing the vaccines and that scientists should verify whether the facility had the proper infrastructure and technology to make the vaccines.
“The Center has not yet received a call about this. There is every possibility that the Center itself can use the facilities, “he said.

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