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Maharashtra Minister Satej Patil Mocks Baba Ramdev and Calls on People not to Promote Charlatanism | India News


MUMBAI: Maharashtra’s state minister for home and information technology, Satej Patil, mocked the founder of yoga guru Patanjali, Baba Ramdev, for his recent remarks against allopathy and allopathic doctors.
In two tweets on Monday, Patil criticized Ramdev without naming him, saying that there was no place for scammers in the country and that people should not believe in self-proclaimed slime and should refrain from promoting quackery.
Make funof Baba Ramdev Patil, who has sparked controversy for her comments against allopathy and doctors, tweeted: “Opposing the BJP is not the same as opposing India. Opposing a professional charlatan is not the same as opposing Ayurveda. Don’t confuse us with this. narrative. There is no place for scammers in our India, no matter how they cover up their CARES and LIES. ”
In another tweet, Patil said: “As we recover from the devastation left by the second wave of Covid-19, I would ask everyone to refrain from promoting any kind of quackery! Let’s trust evidence-based science, not self-proclaimed slime. And WhatsApp college professors. ” The Indian Medical Association (IMA), Uttarakhand, has sent a 1 billion rupee defamation notice to Ramdev for his comments on allopathic doctors.
Meanwhile, directing his attack on the BJP government in the center, he said he would not be surprised if BJP ministers began to blame Nehru and Pakistan for the economic failure. In a tweet on Tuesday morning, referring to negative growth in 2020-21, he said: “You will not be surprised if the BJP ministers start blaming Nehruji and Pakistan for this wonderful economic failure.” He also tagged a story that read: “India’s economy shrinks 7.3% in fiscal 2021, the worst pace in four decades.”
This tweet came in the context of the report on India’s poor performance on the economic front.

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