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Lawyers discuss the transfer of the Narada case | India News


Kolkata: The hearing on the transfer request in the Narada case outside of West Bengal went through a series of arguments between the senior lawyers on Monday and the acting Chief Justice warned the general counsel after a point that he should not dictate how the court should hear the matter. .
State Attorney General Kishore Dutta and Lead Counsel Kalyan Bandyopadhyay continued to plead for the matter to be referred to a single court under the rules. CBI’s attorney and attorney general, Tushar Mehta, responded: “This shows that the state does not want this court to take credit.” Bandyopadhyay said: “The country wants to know if the rules of the court can be waived.”
Judge Harish Tandon, a member of the five-judge tribunal, said all issues can be discussed. The hearing will resume on Tuesday.

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