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Covid-19: Delhi, Punjab and Uttarakhand Had India’s Worst Death Rates in May | India News


NEW DELHI: Delhi posted a Covid death rate (CFR) of 2.9% in May, the highest among the country’s large states and more than double the national average for the month (1.3%).
Two other states saw deaths more than twice the national average, Punjab (2.8%) and Uttarakhand (2.7%), in the deadliest month of the pandemic, during which 1,19,183 deaths were officially reported across India. This was the highest monthly toll reported by any country since the Covid outbreak began.
The capital reported 8,090 deaths and nearly 2.8 lakh of cases in May, which translates to a CFR of 2.92%. Only the Andaman and Nicobar Islands (4.2%) and Nagaland (3.4%) had a higher mortality rate during the month.

Covid-19: Delhi, Punjab and Uttarakhand Had India's Worst Death Rates in May | India News

Such was the increase in deaths that up to nine states and UT reported more deaths in May than their accumulated tolls in all previous months. These included Assam, which reported 61% of all Covid deaths in May, 2,058 out of a total of 3,365. Uttarakhand, the headquarters of this year’s Mahakumbh, reported 59% of all deaths from the virus in May, followed by Goa with 56%, Himachal Pradesh with 53% and Bihar with just over 50%.
In absolute terms, Delhi’s death toll in May was the fourth highest. Maharashtra reported by far the highest deaths during the month, 26,531, which was 28% of all Covid deaths in the state to date. Karnataka reported a balance of 13,632, 47% of all deaths from the virus in the state, followed by Tamil Nadu with 10,186 (42%).

While Maharashtra recorded the highest number of cases at 11.4 lakh, Karnataka was not far behind with 10.8 lakh of infections in May. Kerala recorded the third highest case count of almost 9.6 lakh, but the state had the second lowest death rate (0.36%) in the country with 3,508 deaths.
Odisha had the distinction of reporting the lowest CFR in the country in May at 0.22%. The state registered 3.2 million cases, while the registered deaths were 711.
On Tuesday, the first day of June, India recorded 1.33,212 fresh boxes, a slight increase from the previous day’s count of 1.27 lakh. As new cases fell dramatically on Monday, the overall decline in infections in the country continues.

The death toll for the day, however, rose to 2,824 (not counting 377 old deaths added to the total number for Maharashtra). This was the highest daily death count in the past three days. On Monday, India had reported 2,468 deaths.
Active cases continued to decline. On Monday, the count had dropped below 20 lakh after 45 days. As of Tuesday, there were just over 18 lakh of registered Covid-19 patients in the country.

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