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1971 The Indo-Pak war altered the geography of the South Asian subcontinent: Chief of the Navy | India News


NEW DELHI: The Indo-Pak War of 1971 marked the course not only of Indian history, but also altered the geography of the South Asian subcontinent, Naval Chief of Staff Admiral Karambir Singh said on Monday.
Indian Navy Chief Admiral Karambir Singh spoke at a virtual conference hosted by the Indian High Commission in London on Monday.
In recounting the attack by the Indian Navy on the port of Karachi in 1975, Admiral Singh said: “The Indo-Pak war in 1971 was a historical event, which shaped the course of not only Indian history, it also altered the geography of the South Asian subcontinent. The maritime facets of the war marked the coming of age of the Indian Navy and established its credentials as a force to be reckoned with. ”
In December 1971, the Indian Armed Forces achieved a decisive and historic victory over the Pakistani Army, which led to the creation of a Nation – Bangladesh and also resulted in the largest military surrender after WWII.

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