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Zero Vaccine Policy Acting Like a Dagger in the Heart of Mother India, Alleges Rahul Gandhi | India News


NEW DELHI: Congressional Leader Rahul Gandhi alleged on Monday that the central government has a “zero vaccine policy” that is acting as a “dagger to the heart of Mother India.”
He also attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for media reports claiming that after Covid the unemployment rate was in double digits in May this year.
“The Modi government’s zero vaccine policy is acting like a dagger to the heart of Mother India. Sad truth,” Gandhi said in a Hindi tweet.
“A man and his arrogance + A virus and his mutants,” he said in another tweet, citing a report that claimed that “97 percent of Indians are poorer after Covid.”
Gandhi has criticized the Modi government’s handling of the Covid pandemic and its vaccine policy.
The BJP has accused Congress of spreading misinformation and fear of vaccination as part of a campaign against the Modi government.
He said Gandhi should be more concerned about states ruled by Congress as they have been unable to withdraw their quota from vaccine producers.

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