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With the dialogue of ‘Sholay’, Mamata asks the CM to face the Center | India News


CALCUTTA: Jo darte hain, wo marte hain (Death is certain for those who run scared) – Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee recalled on Monday the iconic dialogue from the 1970s blockbuster ‘Sholay’ to exhort all CM of the opposition in the country to raise their voices without fear. against an “autocratic Center”.
He also issued a dire warning when he said that the Union government led by Narendra Modi would one day “regret” its attempts to sweep away federalism. “Your threats do not scare us. Bengal has never learned to lose. We will always walk with our heads held high, ”he said.
Mamata alleged that the Center sought to “divert attention” from the people, having failed the country on several fronts: managing Covid, preventing the economy from faltering, and stopping agricultural distress.
“I think the main opposition ministers should come together and speak out. Not all states will pay attention to them. There has always been a Lakshman rekha between the Center and the states. Jawaharlal Nehru and BR Ambedkar had highlighted it. It was presented in the Sarkaria Commission and later ratified by the Supreme Court. There is a consultation process, ”said Mamata.
“… they issued consecutive letters, without any justification or reason. Justice could not be done and a greater injustice is being committed by targeting the bureaucracy … They cannot prevent us from fighting, ”he added.
Mamata was referring to the controversy generated by the central deputation order over Alapan Bandyopadhyay, who retired as Bengal’s general secretary on Monday and chose not to accept the deputation, and the three-month extension that the Center granted him just a few days ago. .
“This is an act of political vendetta. I have never seen such a ruthless and ruthless Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior. Now they are targeting the main secretary and officers of Mamata Banerjee to attack her. Federalism has been undermined, there has been no consultative process. And Monday’s letter adds insult to injury … I wonder who will advise the prime minister. Why this political vendetta? Just because you don’t like Mamata Banerjee and because you have been defeated? she said.
Questioning the alleged comment by Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad that Bandyopadhyay had “left a meeting”, the CM said: “Politicians organize strikes. Can a bureaucrat come out?
Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal also spoke in support of Banerjee. “This is not the right time to fight with state governments, but to fight together against the coronavirus,” he said.
Earlier in the day, Banerjee sent a letter to the prime minister. “The unilateral ‘order’ comes without any prior consultation with the West Bengal government, without any will / option of the officer, without meeting any of the preconditions of the IAS (Cadre) Rules of 1954 and other applicable laws,” she wrote.
“If a chief secretary of a state can be asked to be relieved in this way, how can the lower bureaucracy take, obey and implement the orders in their letter or spirit from the prime minister of the state, other ministers and officials? I suppose and sincerely hope that he does not want to damage the federal friendship. I also presume and sincerely hope that they do not want to destroy the morale of all All India Service officers working in various states of the country, ”the letter adds.

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