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Policemen: Number of Kumbh pilgrims not degraded | India News


DEHRADUN: Senior Uttarakhand police officials have dismissed reports claiming that the number of pilgrims to shahi snans had been revised from 49 to 21 lakh as claimed in some media reports recently, saying that “once it was publishes an official estimate, it cannot be revised, ”Gaurav Talwar reports.
Sanjay Gunjyal, Inspector General (IG) of Kumbh, denying that he conducted a downward revision of the number of people attending Kumbh Mela, said: “The three days of shahi snan that fell during the Kumbh reported period of one month this year they saw more than 34 lakhs of people taking a holy bath in Ganges. ”
By providing a break, he said that 21.2 lakh people bathed in the river on April 12 at Somwati Amavasya, 13.5 lakh at Mesh Sankranti on April 14, and more than 25,000 people at Chaitra Purnima on April 27. When asked about the procedure used to count the number of pilgrims, Gunjyal said that “an artificial intelligence solution equipped with sophisticated cameras was used to carry out the count, along with a count of the tentative number of vehicles at the stands. of border control and parking lots “.
The government’s denial came after some media reports claimed that the official attendance figure for the period between April 12 and 14, when two major events occurred, was significantly lower than what the administration of Mela at that time.
According to official data, backed by the Kumbh police, the footfall of pilgrims was 21.2 lakh on April 12, 4.5 lakh on April 13 and 13.5 lakh on April 14. However, the Mela administration had claimed shortly after shahi snans that 31 lakh people (not 21.2 lakh) took a dip on April 12.
Commenting on the disparity in the shahi snan figures from April 12, DGP Ashok Kumar said: “It appears that the 31 lakh figure released on April 12 was a combined figure of the number of pilgrims gathered in Haridwar on 10, 11. and April 12. . However, this would not lead to any change in the total number of pilgrims published by the government for the duration of Kumbh Mela. ”

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