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North Carolina Leader Omar Abdullah Denounces J&K Government ‘Silly Policies’ on Youth Suicide | India News


SRINAGAR: Vice President of the National Conference (NC), Omar Abdullah, on Monday expressed shock and grief over the suicide of a 24-year-old from the Kulgam district of Jammu and Kashmir who ended his life because his father received no salary for two years. .
Abdullah called the incident a visible manifestation of the administration’s misguided policies and demanded a time-limited investigation.
The former prime minister’s remarks came after a young man from the Avil area of ​​Noorabad, in the southern district of Kashmir, recorded a video message to call the government’s attention to his family’s miseries before taking his own life.
In the video, the young man said he was taking an extreme step as his father, “a government teacher,” received no salary for more than two years.
Expressing shock, the North Carolina vice president said the incident has put increasing financial pressure on the people of Jammu and Kashmir driven by the foolish policies of the J&K government.
The unfortunate incident abandons the government’s claims on the so-called dividends that the measures of August 5 (2019) were said to bring. People are suffering, he said, referring to the revocation of the special status of the former J&K state by the Center on August 5, 2019.
The suicide by a promising young man should open eyes for the government to assess the plight of people, including J&K employees, Abdullah said.
It is quite evident that by targeting employees, the government has put the livelihood of their families at stake. This incident should be enough to remind the government of the extent of its measures against employees. This same incident also betrays a gruesome picture of the level of anxiety and mental trauma, families whose sole breadwinners are without pay for months altogether, he said.
Abdullah expressed hope that the incident was poignant enough that the incumbent government would make urgent amendments to its policies regarding employees.
It demanded a time-bound investigation and determination of responsibility that led to the incident.
The drastic step taken by the youth is a direct consequence of government policies and actions. The concerns of government employees have become insurmountable and if complaints are not resolved, the situation can snowball.
After August 5, 2019, Jammu and Kashmir has already earned a reputation as one of the regions with the highest unemployment. The youth’s suicide is another ghoulish reflection of the implications of the policies the Center and the current J&K government are pursuing regarding J&K, he said.
The former prime minister of J&K expressed his solidarity with the grieving family and prayed for strength for them in their hour of loss. He also prayed for the peace of the deceased.

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