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More than 23 crore of Covid vaccine doses provided to states, UT: Ministry of Health | India News


NEW DELHI: As part of the nationwide vaccination campaign, the Government of India has so far provided over 23 crore doses of vaccine (23,11,68,480) to states / UT, both through the free category as through the category of direct state acquisition. the Union’s health ministry said on Monday.
Of this, total consumption, including waste, is 21,22,38,652 doses (based on data available at 8 a.m. today), the ministry said.
Furthermore, it stated that more than 1.75 crore of Covid vaccine doses (1.75,48,648) are still available in the States / UT to be administered.
In addition, more than 2.73 lakh (2,73,970) doses of vaccines are pending and will be received by the States / UT within the next 3 days.
The ministry stated that the government of India has been supporting the states and UT by providing them with Covid vaccines at no cost. In addition, the central government has also been facilitating direct procurement of vaccines by States / UTs.
Vaccination is an integral pillar of the Indian government’s comprehensive strategy for containing and managing the pandemic, along with testing, monitoring, treating and appropriate behavior for Covid, he said.
The ministry further stated that the implementation of the liberalized and accelerated phase 3 strategy of Covid-19 vaccination started from May 1, 2021.
Under the strategy, the Government of India will purchase each month 50% of the total vaccine doses authorized by the Central Medicines Laboratory (CDL) from any manufacturer. It will continue to make these doses available to state governments completely free of charge, as it was doing previously, he added.

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