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How well does the vaccine prevent severe cases? ICMR to find out | India News


PUNE: The Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR), together with the Chennai-based National Institute of Epidemiology (NIE), has launched a nationwide study to determine the effectiveness of the vaccine in preventing severe Covid infection -19.
The study will be carried out at 11 sites in 10 cities. A senior scientist on the team said the research will evaluate the effectiveness of Covid vaccines in the real world.

“It will follow almost 3,900 citizens. Of these, 1,300 will be Covid-positive people who were hospitalized after vaccination. The rest will be people who tested negative (via RT-PCR), but were vaccinated, “said the scientist, adding that the research will help determine the true capacity of the vaccine, especially since there have been reports of people who gave positive (and even hospitalized with Covid) after inoculation.
NIE Director Dr Manoj Murhekar said the study will provide insight into the real-world effectiveness of the vaccine against severe Covid. The ICMR had recently asked all states to collect data on people hospitalized after vaccination, to lay the groundwork for efficacy research. Experts have stated that post-vaccine Covid is mostly mild. But they said a real-world study would help put minds at ease.

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