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After testing negative for Covid, Mehul Choksi was admitted to the hospital | India News


NEW DELHI: Runaway diamond merchant Mehul Choksi has been admitted to a hospital in Dominica. According to information received from Antigua and Dominica on Sunday evening, the 63-year-old merchant was transferred to the Dominican China Friendship Hospital in Roseau after being removed from police custody. Twenty-four hours before, he was tested for Covid and the result was negative.
News of the hospitalization was confirmed to TOI by multiple sources, both in Antigua and Dominica. His Antigua attorney, Justin Simon, said the news was correct and sent a local media report saying. “I would not send false information to the media. I am cautious with the media, but that journalist from Dominica is right, ”he said about the fact, which was corroborated by a Dominican source as well.

However, information on the nature of her health problem could not be immediately determined.
2 Indian agents leave Dominica; yacht company denies transporting Choksi
Meanwhile, it was learned that the two Indian agents, allegedly involved in the ‘Choksi kidnapping’, have left Dominica.
Bhandal Gurjit and Singh Gurmit, whose passport copies are in TOI, reportedly left the Caribbean island for London after the matter turned into legal litigation. They were staying at the Fort Young Hotel.
In another twist to the Choksi saga, images have emerged of the yacht in which the fugitive Indian businessman was allegedly taken from Antigua to Dominica last Sunday (May 23). The images showed two indigenous people getting on the yacht on May 23 in Antigua. The company, which manages the yacht service on the island, immediately denied it.

“Cobra Tours & Yacht Services are the main yacht brokers on the island of Dominica. This means that we provide dispatch, provisioning and excursion services while you are in Dominica. We do not rent boats. The reports are based on a circulating authorization document where our name appears as the agent of a yacht that arrived in Dominica on Monday, May 24. This yacht entered Dominica without an agent, ”a company spokesperson told TOI on Sunday evening.
The case of Choksi, accused of a GNP scam of 1400 million rupees and wanted by the Indian authorities, will undergo a hearing in the Dominican high court this week.
In its order on Friday, the superior court said: “The petition for habeas corpus will be heard in public hearing on Wednesday, June 2, 2021, from 9:00 am to 10:00 am.”
The court also asked the lawyers not to speak to the media. Choksi’s Dominican attorneys, Julian Prevost, Wayne Nordé, Cara Shillingford-Marsh and Wayne Marsh, have been avoiding speaking to the media ever since.

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