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With doses of 12 crore, Covid struggles to receive an injection in the arm in June | India News


NEW DELHI: About 12 crore of Covid vaccine doses will be available in June for the national Covid-19 vaccination program, up from 7.9 crore supplied in May, the government said Sunday by providing an advance estimate of stocks. of vaccinations to states and UT to allow them to plan vaccination schedules and time slots accordingly.
The Center will provide Rs 6 million doses to states and UT in June to inoculate those over 45 along with frontline and healthcare workers, while additional Rs 5.8 million doses will be available for the direct acquisition by states and private hospitals for the 18-44 age group. said the health ministry.

Meanwhile, the Serum Institute of India (SII) informed the government that it will be able to manufacture and supply 9-10 crore doses of Covishield in June, PTI reported, citing a letter from the company to Interior Minister Amit Shah. The company had previously indicated a dose capacity of Rs 6.5 million in June.
Previously, government estimates had suggested around 10 crore of doses for June, which included 6.5 crore from Covishield, 2.5 crore from Covaxin and 1 crore from Sputnik. However, it is likely that the Center has revised the previous estimates on the availability of vaccine doses in June after taking into account the supplies indicated by the SII in its letter to the Ministry of the Interior.
Although the government has not specified the number of particular vaccines and has indicated 12 crore doses for June, it has previously said that there is often a delay between production and supplies to reach the respective states and vaccination centers. “The delivery schedule for this assignment will be shared in advance,” said the Ministry of Health.

“The allocation of supplies to the states / UT is decided according to the pattern of consumption, the population and the waste of vaccines. The visibility of the availability of vaccines throughout the month of June has been provided well in advance to the states / UT by the Union government, as communicated to the states and UT in the video letters of the ministry of health May 17, May 27 and May 29, “added the ministry.
By the month of June, Rs 6.1 million vaccine doses will be supplied to states and UTs for the vaccination of the priority group of healthcare workers, frontline workers and people aged 45 years and over as a free supply of the central government. In addition, more than 5.8 crore of doses will be available for direct purchase by states / UT and private hospitals. Therefore, in June, about 12 crore doses will be available for the national Covid vaccination program. In May, the Center made more than 4 million doses of vaccines available to states. In addition, more than 3.9 crore of doses were available for direct purchase by states and private hospitals.
Overall, 20.8 crore doses of Covid vaccines have been administered across the country since January 16, when the government launched the vaccination campaign. About 4.3 million people had received two doses of vaccines as of 10 p.m. Sunday.

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