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The Bengal government has yet to give its chief secretary its go-ahead for the central appointment: Sources | India News


CALCUTTA: West Bengal Chief Secretary Alapan Bandyopadhyay, whose sudden order to relocate the Center days before his retirement will turn into a major controversy, is unlikely to report to the Personnel and Training Department on Monday as he has not yet it has received the go-ahead from the state government, said a senior source.
Bandyopadhyay was very present at the secretary of state ‘Nabanna’ even on a Sunday, he said.
“So far, Mr Bandyopadhyay has not been relieved of his duties by the government of West Bengal … According to tomorrow’s program, it is possible that he will participate in a review meeting that will be chaired by the CM in the secretary of state around 3 pm, “he added. the source told PTI.
The Center, in a surprise move, had sought out Bandyopadhyay’s services late Friday and asked the state government to immediately release the senior bureaucrat.
Bandyopadhyay, a 1987 IAS officer from the West Bengal cadre, was scheduled to retire on May 31 after turning 60. However, he was granted a three-month extension following an assent from the Center to work on managing Covid.
In a statement to the state government, the Personnel Ministry said on Friday that the Cabinet Appointments Committee approved the placement of Bandyopadhyay services in the Government of India in accordance with the provisions of the Administrative Service Rules of India ( pictures), 1954, “with immediate effect”.
He also ordered Bandyopadhyay to report to the Personnel and Training Department, North Block, New Delhi before 10 am on Monday.
Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Saturday called the Center’s decision to remove Bandyopadhyay “unconstitutional” and “illegal”, and called on the Union government to withdraw her order.

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