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Private hospitals, star hotels that flout guidelines by offering vaccination packages, must stop immediately: Center | India News


NEW DELHI: On the issue of some private hospitals that give packages for Covid-19 vaccination in collaboration with Hotels,
The Union Health Ministry said the measure goes against the guidelines issued for the National Covid vaccination program and should be stopped immediately.
The Center said this in a letter written to the states / territories of the Union (UT). “It has become known to the Union Ministry of Health that some private hospitals are delivering a package for vaccination against Covid in collaboration with some hotels. This goes against the guidelines issued for the national vaccination program against Covid. The guidelines and they must stop immediately, “the additional secretary of the Union Ministry of Health, Dr. Manohar Agnani, said in the letter.
“The necessary legal and administrative actions must be taken against such institutions,” the letter added. According to the Covid vaccination guidelines, there are four options available to carry out the vaccination campaign; Government Covid Vaccination Center,
Private Covid vaccination center managed by private hospitals, Covid vaccination center in the workplace in government offices run by government hospitals and in private companies managed by private hospitals, Covid vaccination center close to home for the elderly and people with disabilities to be organized into group housing societies, RWA offices, community centers, Panchayat Bhawans, schools / universities, nursing homes on a temporary basis.
Apart from this, there are no other ways to carry out vaccination campaigns under the program. Agnani asked the states and UT to monitor and ensure that vaccination campaigns are carried out according to prescribed guidelines. Several posts floated on social media about the vaccination package offered by star hotels in collaboration with private hospitals.

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