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PM Modi shares compilation of his government’s pro-people measures | India News


NEW DELHI: In its governmentOn the anniversary, Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared on Sunday a compilation of the measures in favor of the people that he has taken in his seven years in office.
The statement, titled “Vikas Yatra” (development journey), said that the spirit of “seva” (service) has been a guiding light for the government in every step it has taken.
“Whether it is serving people by mobilizing resources during the pandemic or ensuring that food grains reach the poor, whether it is purchasing record quantities of agricultural products at MSP from farmers or enabling better working conditions for workers, it is the spirit of service is what is visible, “he said.
The government has endeavored to serve India and meet the aspirations of the people.
He highlighted government works in terms of ease of doing business, ease of living, eliminating corruption, empowering young people with opportunities, health for all, infrastructure for growth, ‘mobility’ for the middle class, ‘nari shakti for the new India ‘and’ prosperous farmers for prosperous India ‘.
It also details initiatives under ‘India first’, renewed focus on the northeast, social empowerment, ‘bringing development to the poorest’, ‘transformative economic growth’ and India’s fight against the coronavirus.

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