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Modi government harmful to the country: Congress on its 7th anniversary | India News


NEW DELHI: On the seventh anniversary of Narendra Modi’s dispensation, Congress on Sunday claimed that it is detrimental to the country as it has failed on all fronts and betrayed the trust of the people.
Congress issued a seven-point charge sheet for “mistakes” that it accused the government of committing and alleged that the Modi administration abdicated its responsibilities to the people.
Congress listed what it called the government’s top failures, including a declining economy, rising unemployment and inflation, and Covid-19 mismanagement.
Congressional Leader Rahul Gandhi said the government must have the right intention, policy and determination to fight the coronavirus and not just a monthly talk.
“You need the right intention, politics and determination to fight Corona and not just a once a month useless talk,” Gandhi said in a Hindi tweet, the day Prime Minister Modi delivered his monthly radio address. ” Mann ki baat “. .
The Secretary General and Chief Speaker of the Congress, Randeep Surjewala, said that the past seven years have been a story of unprecedented devastation, abdication of responsibility and abandonment of the people of India by a government that was showered with all the love and affection .
“This government is detrimental to the country as it has betrayed the faith of the people of India. It is betraying the trust and innate faith that people have placed in Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” he said.
“This is a hoax of the worst kind amassed over 140 million Indian rupees by a government they elected on the basis of innumerable promises. After seven years the time has come to take stock. The time has come to ask why the country is suffering, “he said.
Congress also released a 4.5-minute video, “Bharat Mata ki Kahani,” listing the “failures” of the government in the past seven years.

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