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Compassion Lesson: Schools Waive Covid Orphans From Fees | India News


HYDERABAD: Often facing criticism for raising fees throughout the year, several schools in Hyderabad, in a unique gesture, have offered fee waivers to students who have lost one or both parents to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Many also have a full fee waiver until the end of the intermission.
After losing her husband, who was a scientist at the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, to Covid-19 in August last year, Sunitha Bathula was concerned about the education of her two children.
“I don’t have any job and I even lost my parents in the last year. Worried about who would pay my children’s fees, I contacted the Hyderabad Public School (HPS), the Ramanthapur administration, who easily waived Rs 1.20 lakh of fees and informed me that they would take care of my two’s education. children, ”said Bathula, who has a Class 9 and a Class 1 child.
HPS, Ramanthapur has extended that relief to eight other students who lost their parents in the past year. The situation was much the same for A Anwitha, a student in class 5 of the Pallavi model school.
After his family paid Rs 23 lakh for hospital bills for both his mother and father for the Covid-19 treatment, it was a struggle to pay the school fees for the 2020-21 academic year.

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