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UP & TN will buy syringes that optimize the use of vaccines | India News


NEW DELHI: Even as the Center is pushing states to reduce vaccine dose waste, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are exploring low dead space (LDS) syringes to optimize vaccine use.
LDS syringes imported from South Korea can minimize the amount of drug left in the syringe dead space after an injection, reducing vaccine waste and thus allowing 20% ​​more people to receive the dose with the same amount of vaccine.
Currently, the consumer electronics firm Samsung is importing around a million of these syringes as part of its program to support the Covid vaccination campaign. At UP, the syringes are being used in Lucknow and Noida, while the 3.5 lakh LDS syringes will soon be delivered to Greater Chennai Corporation in Tamil Nadu.
“There is a dire need for 2.7 billion doses a year in India, and if these syringes are used, we can get more than 500 million more doses with the same amount of vaccine,” says AM Deshmukh, president of the Society of Microbiologists of India.

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