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Pak Sikh leadership admits Granthi alerted Sikhs, but tries to play down the incident | India News


AMRITSAR: Reaction to TOI Report on Threat to Life of Sikhs from Lahore and Nankana Sahib in Pakistan, Pakistan Sikh The leadership admitted that the voicemail alerting Sikhs in both cities was broadcast by a Pak gurdwara granthi Ranjit Singh, albeit for some other reason, including when the India World Forum (IWF), (an organization connecting the Indian diaspora) has sought the intervention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. addressing the security issue of Pak Sikhs and Hindus with the Pak government, as well as raising the issue at the United Nations (UN).
In a video message uploaded to social media, Pakistan’s Khalistani leader Gopal Singh Chawla, whose handlers are with ISI, said that Sikhs in Pakistan are always guided by the guidance of gurdwara granthi. “The message was in fact from granthi Ranjit Singh, but I wanted to convey something else “Chawla said.
In a visible attempt to camouflage the real issue of the threat to Sikhs from Lahore and Nankana Sahib, Chawla gave hilarious logic that the granthi was giving a message to Sikh children not to hang around late at night and come home on time.
Inadvertently, Chawla also pointed to the deterioration of Sikh religious values ​​and practices in Pakistan when he informed the world that the Sikh youth of Pakistan had strayed from the path of Sikhism.
“Sade munday bahut jayada rat nu bahar phiran lag pay tay sawaray nitnaim ni karday eis laye giani ji nay eih kaha hai ki eh gal koi darn di ni so tusi time nal ghara nu jaya karo tan ki tusi sawaray gurdwara aa sako. (Our boys have been lazing around too late at night and weren’t doing the daily religious routine, so the granthi said there was nothing to worry about, you (young Sikhs) should go home in time to be able to go to gurdwara below. tomorrow) said Chawla in a 2.31 minute video.
The TOI had published on May 27 a report based on Granthi Ranjit Singh’s voicemail message (TOI had not disclosed his identity) where he had expressed fear for the lives of the Sikhs of Lahore and Nankana Sahib and had reported that Pakistan Sikh Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (PSGC) and Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB), a front body of the ISI that monitors the functioning of the PSPGC, had asked Sikhs in both cities to provide their documents with them or with Muhammad Azhar, caretaker of Gurdwara Dera Sahib, Lahore. , Bishan Singh, former president of the PSGPC or Aamir Sigh, secretary general of the PSGPC.
Interestingly, neither PSGPC Chairman Satwant Singh nor any other Pakistani Sikh leaders come forward to deny the reports, except for Chawla, who claims to be a good friend of the mastermind of the Mumbai terror attack, Hafiz Sayed.
In India, the World Forum of India (an organization that connects the Indian diaspora) has sought the intervention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to address the issue of minority security with the Pak government, in addition to raising the issue in the ONU.
Speaking to TOI on Friday, IWF President Puneet Singh Chandok, referring to the audio messages coming out of Pakistan, not only to Ranjit Singh, but also to Maninder Singh, a former PSGPC member, had also issued an audio message. in Pashto language alerting Sikhs to stay. vigilant and do not stay out of their houses until late at night. He said the IWF had written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi requesting to consider and raise the security concerns of the neighboring Islamic nation’s Sikhs and Hindus with concerned counterparts at the highest level, including the UN.
Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee, Bibi Jagir Kaur, has expressed concern about threats to the security of Sikhs living in Pakistan. “The Pakistani government must ensure the safety of the minority Sikh community,” adding that the Pakistani government must react to threats that are issued to Sikhs.

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