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Mehul Choksi Deportation: Conspiracy Theories Emerge As Dominican Court Postpones Case | India News

MUMBAI: The High Court of Justice of Dominica postponed the case concerning the deportation of the diamantaire Mehul Choksi, wanted in India in connection with the PNB scam.
The court postponed the hearing on the habeas corpus petition until Wednesday, June 2, even as new facts and conspiracy theories have begun to circulate in the matter.
In ordering the postponement, the judge asked the lawyers not to speak about the case, as it is still sub-judice. On Thursday, the court had prevented the government from repatriating Choksi to Antigua.
Choksi’s team of attorneys, consisting of Wayne Norde, Wayne Marsh, Cara Shillingford-Marsh and Julian Prevost, have claimed that in their client’s ‘kidnapping’ from the Jolly Harbor area of ​​Antigua, a pair of Indians were involved along with a few ancient. All of them, it is alleged, are policemen from both countries. Choksi’s arrest appears to have been made on Monday rather than Tuesday, as previously reported.
Lawyers have said that a yacht about 60 to 70 feet long, with the Dominican flag, took Choksi to Toucary, a remote coastal town in Dominica. The two Indian policemen are said to have stayed at the Fort Young hotel in the capital city of Roseau.
For the record, the Dominican police have accused him of illegally entering the country and have been detaining him since Monday.
Furthermore, the Indian government is also said to have maintained a ready charter flight in the Dominican capital to carry the fugitive diamond merchant back to India, where he faces charges of criminal conspiracy, criminal breach of trust, cheating and dishonesty, corruption and money. money laundering in the PNB scam.
In the Caribbean media, meanwhile, the alleged disappearance, ‘kidnapping’, arrest of Choksi is the biggest story with all the newspapers, websites, television and radio stations devoting a lot of time and space to the fugitive Indian.
Choksi became untraceable in Antigua on Sunday and was rumored to have fled to Cuba. That theory was discredited when he was detained in Dominica.

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