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Covid-19: 8.4%, daily positivity rate below 10% for the fifth consecutive day | India News


New Delhi: The daily Covid-19 positivity rate fell to 8.4% on Friday to stay at less than 10% for five consecutive days, largely driven by the drop in new daily cases. While less than 2 lakh of cases were reported for the past two consecutive days, 1.7 lakh of new Covid-19 cases were detected on Friday after testing 20.80 lakh of samples from across the country.

The weekly positivity rate also declined steadily to 9.8% this week after a high of 22.6% in the first week of May. The drop in positivity is due to the steady decline in daily new cases that have remained at less than 3 lakh for 13 consecutive days.
Coronavirus in India: Live Updates
The number of active cases has also dropped to 22.3 lakh, while the recovery rate is now 90.8%. Despite the fact that the Center has warned states to stay focused on containment measures going forward to maintain achievements and advised people to continue with Covid-appropriate behavior, including wearing masks and maintaining the physical distance, he is also planning a major vaccination surge that has slowed in recent weeks.

As vaccine supplies are likely to increase in the coming months, the Center has asked states to develop plans in advance to ensure fluent vaccination in all districts, primarily covering priority population groups aged 45 and over, along with better coverage of healthcare and frontline workers. .
“In the future, vaccination will have to be the center of attention and as economic activities open up, people will have to maintain Covid-appropriate behavior because vaccines can only protect against serious diseases,” said an official.

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