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Congress Accuses BJP Tejasvi Deputy Surya, His Uncle Ravi Subramanya, of Making Money From Vaccines | India News


NEW DELHI: Congress on Saturday accused BJP Tejasvi Deputy Surya and his uncle Ravi Subramanya of making money from vaccines and demanded that an FIR be registered against them and that they be removed as MPs and MLAs respectively.
However, the BJP leaders have denied the accusation.
Congressional spokesman Pawan Khera alleged that, according to an audio tape leaked via social media, Subramanya allegedly received a bribe of Rs 700 per vaccine at a private Karnataka hospital. Surya is seen promoting the hospital in advertisements, he alleged.
“Tejasvi Surya’s membership in parliament must end immediately, we owe it to the people of Karnataka. The membership of Ravi Subramanya, for the third time MLA from Basavanagudi, must end now,” he told reporters.
Khera alleged that a supervisor of a private hospital clearly tells a public member that for vaccination he will have to pay Rs 900, as Rs 700 of this amount must be given to Ravi Subramanya, a BJP MLA from Basavanagudi in Karnataka, which is the Surya’s uncle.
“These are shocking and alarming revelations. It’s like being caught red-handed. This is a private hospital. Earlier this week, BJP Deputy Tejasvi Surya, who is also the national president of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha, He had announced his own photo in with this hospital, urging people to get vaccinated from this hospital, ”he alleged.
“We want to ask the prime minister, this Tejasvi Surya is his blue-eyed boy. We demand answers, how the hell were vaccines diverted from government hospitals to a private hospital,” he asked.
“There should be an FIR filed against Surya and Subramanya, Prime Minister,” said the congressional leader.
Citing the case of cash for questions in which members were expelled from Parliament, he said it was a case of cash for vaccines.
“Tejasvi Surya’s membership in Parliament must end immediately,” he demanded, adding: “If you want to save the lives of the people of Karnataka, this is no sacrifice for you, Mr. Prime Minister. This is the least you can do. “.

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