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“Really regrettable”: MEA on UN General Assembly President’s comments on Kashmir | India News


NEW DELHI: India on Friday strongly condemned UN General Assembly President Volkan Bozkır’s remarks on Jammu and Kashmir, calling his remarks “a great disservice to his post.”
The president of the UN General Assembly, Volkan Bozkir, a former Turkish diplomat and politician, had urged India and Pakistan to work for a “peaceful solution to this (Kashmir) problem.”
We express our strong opposition to the unjustified references made with respect to the Territory of the Indian Union of Jammu and Kashmir by the President of the United Nations General Assembly (PGA), Volkan Bozkir, during his recent visit to Pakistan.
The MEA further said that Bozkir’s statements that Pakistan is “obliged” to raise this issue at the UN more forcefully are unacceptable.
“When a sitting president of the UN General Assembly makes misleading and prejudiced remarks, he is doing the office he occupies no favors. The behavior of the PGA is truly regrettable and surely diminishes its position on the global platform,” said the government in the statement. .

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