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Nothing against Ramdev, will consider withdrawing police complaints if retracts comments: IMA chief | India News


CHENNAI: The Indian Medical Association will consider dropping police complaints filed against yoga guru Ramdev and also a smear notice that was sent to him if he withdrew his comments against Covid-19 vaccines and modern medicine, IMA national head Dr. JA Jayalal said on Friday.
By targeting the modern system of medicine in the face of the pandemic and the treatment for it, Ramdev was actually questioning the government, he said.
“We have nothing against the yoga guru Baba Ramdev. His statements are against vaccination against Covid-19. We believe that your statements can confuse people, they can mislead them. This is our great concern as it has a large following, “said Dr. Jayalal.
On Ramdev’s withdrawal from his comment on modern medicine and Covid-19, he said it should be done in full.
If the yoga guru went ahead to withdraw such comments in full, the IMA will consider dropping the complaints against him at police stations and also a defamation notice that was sent to him, Dr. Jayalal told PTI.
Days ago, the IMA had served Ramdev with a defamation notice for alleged derogatory comments against modern medicine and its practitioners. The notice demanded an apology from him within 15 days, otherwise it was said that appropriate steps would be taken for compensation of Rs 1 billion.
Complaints have been filed against Ramdev in Delhi, as well as elsewhere, the IMA chief said, adding that the association also requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take action against Ramdev.
On Sunday, Ramdev was forced to withdraw a statement questioning some of the drugs used to treat the coronavirus and allegedly “thousands of people have died from taking allopathic drugs for Covid-19.” After the fight, Ramdev had said that not even his father could arrest him.
Later, the yoga guru posed 25 questions to the IMA asking if modern medicine offered permanent relief for ailments like hypertension.
The head of IMA, who is a professor and head of the Department of Surgery at the Government Kanyakumari Medical College Hospital in Tamil Nadu, said that “the yoga guru should advise his followers to get vaccinated and support the government in their fight against pandemic”.
Ramdev’s comments, whether against vaccination or modern medicine for Covid-19, actually questioned the wisdom of the government, he said answering a question.
“This is because we only follow the protocol developed by the government for Covid-19. So if someone questions it, they are actually questioning the government.”
Dr. Jayalal recalled that recently in Tamil Nadu, actor Mansoor Ali Khan was arrested after he raised questions about the vaccine following the death of popular Tamil comedian Vivek, after being hit.
And now, the IMA is taking action against Ramdev and it would be good if the government also took action against those people to strengthen the fight against Covid-19, he said.
To a question, he said, “The government of Tamil Nadu has recommended Kaba Sura Kudineer (Indian medicine) to boost immunity. Have we ever questioned it? The point here is that, after weighing all the factors, the government recommends the vaccination and medications. to be followed. ”
But if someone with a good following is allowed to keep targeting modern medicine and attack hard-working doctors and paramedics, that is not acceptable, he said.
“The most important thing here is that we are fighting a deadly pandemic. If prominent people are allowed to claim what they want, it will mislead people, become confused, and go against the efforts of both the government and the medical fraternity to address the pandemic. ”
About some modern medical practitioners who prescribe Indian systems of medicine for specific conditions, he said it should not be done.
“A physician can prescribe a drug only if he or she is qualified and trained in that particular system of medicine. Mixing is not allowed.”
When asked about an accusation that he tried to convert people to Christianity, the surgeon dismissed it as false and motivated.
“How does the question of religion get here? This is purely a vested interest diversion tactic and nothing more. All my life I have served people without differentiating them in any way and I would continue to serve them. I have done what I have done most. surgeries for HIV-infected people, “he said.
Ramdev’s close aide, Acharya Balkrishna, took to Twitter and said that the yoga and Ayurveda guru were being ‘targeted’ by allopathic practitioners under the IMA as part of a conspiracy.
“As part of the conspiracy to turn the entire country into #Christianity, #Yoga and #Ayurveda are being slandered for attacking @yogrishiramdev jee. Countrymen, wake up now from deep sleep, otherwise future generations will not forgive you”, Balkrishna claimed.

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