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India for more studies to trace the origin of Covid | India News


NEW DELHI: In a significant statement that comes even as the border clash with China remains unresolved, India called for more studies to determine the origin of the coronavirus that causes Covid-19, days after US President Joe Biden give its intelligence officials 90 days. to test the “laboratory leak” theory, much to Beijing’s chagrin.
China has angrily refuted suggestions that the Covid pathogen escaped from a Wuhan lab, but the theory has refused to go away.
The Indian move will not go well with China, which has been suggesting that border tensions are seen as just one part of the overall relationship.
The decision is another indication that India is unwilling to consider normalizing ties while border tensions in Ladakh remain unresolved. The sticking point induction stagnation reads like China looking for some “profit” or a “lifeline” after mutual withdrawals at Pangong Tso.
In response to questions, the MEA spokesperson said on Friday: “The global study convened by the WHO on the origin of Covid-19 is an important first step. He emphasized the need for next phase studies, as well as more data and studies to reach strong conclusions. The follow-up to the WHO report and additional studies deserve everyone’s understanding and cooperation ”. Although he did not name China, the indication for India’s northern neighbor was obvious.

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