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Delhi will begin to unblock from Monday, slowly and with riders | India News


NEW DELHI: After staying under a strict lockdown for approximately six weeks, resulting in the devastating Covid-19 being brought under control, Delhi will begin the unlocking process on Monday with easing of restrictions on manufacturing units in industrial areas and construction activities with workers. stay on site.
Although cases are declining very fast and the positivity rate has dropped to 1.5%, cautious management is unlikely to allow markets and non-essential activities to function in this round. The Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, has somehow conditioned the unlocking process to follow the appropriate behavior of Covid that will keep the situation under control.

Delhi will begin to unblock from Monday, slowly and with riders | India News

Factory owners and industrial area associations have welcomed the announcement, but traders and market associations in the capital have expressed disappointment that there will be no respite for markets that have been closed for so long.
The unlocking process was discussed on Friday at a Delhi Disaster Management Authority meeting attended by Deputy Governor Anil Baijal, Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal and senior officials and experts. All agreed on a gradual and slow unlocking to allow economic activities to recover and open up employment and livelihood opportunities.
More relaxations will be announced in the coming weeks after reviewing the Covid-19 situation and only after concluding that cases are fairly under control and the downward trend continues.
“Week after week, based on public suggestions and expert opinion, we will continue with the unlocking process, as long as Covid cases do not increase further. If we see that the Covid situation is deteriorating again, we will have to stop the unlocking process, “the prime minister said in a digital speech to the press. He asked everyone to strictly follow all Covid protocols.
Kejriwal emphasized that more economic activities can only be allowed when everyone observes Covid’s precautions. “If coronavirus cases rise again, we will have no choice but to impose the blockade again. We do not want to impose a blockade and we are not in favor of a blockade. Even you would not want a confinement, but it is out of impotence that we will have to impose it, “he said. The city has been under a complete lockdown since April 19.
A DDMA official said that only asymptomatic workers will be allowed, staggered work hours will be suggested, and thermal control, the use of hand sanitizers and frequent hand washing will be guaranteed at workplaces. Random Covid-19 tests will be conducted among workers. The government can request district magistrates to deploy special teams for periodic inspections. An order is expected from the DDMA detailing the standard operating procedure for this phase of unlocking.
The CM said that the government must take maximum care of those who belong to the lowest sectors of society, such as workers, day laborers and migrant workers. “Workers from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and neighboring states come to Delhi to earn a living. They live on daily wages and in appalling conditions. These workers are mainly engaged in construction and factory activities. At the meeting it was decided that both activities will open from Monday and during the next week the construction activities and factories will remain open ”, indicated the CM.
Kejriwal said that with the cooperation of 2 million people in Delhi, they have been able to control the second wave in a month. “There is no longer any problem getting beds in hospitals and even ICU beds are empty. The oxygen beds are also empty. There are also quite a few beds available in Covid care centers. Time to slowly unlock. In addition to saving people from Covid, we must also save them from hunger. We need to keep a balance and control Covid while making room for economic activities, ”he said.
This phase of the blockade is in effect in Delhi until 5 a.m. on May 31. “With great effort and great difficulty, the Covid situation has gotten a bit under control. But the whole battle is yet to be won. We shouldn’t lose all profits by opening up all of a sudden. Therefore, it is a unanimous belief among experts that we must open up slowly and steadily, ”said the CM.

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