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Covid: ‘Rahul is trying to stoke fears, all to be vaccinated in December,’ says Javadekar | India News


NEW DELHI: The BJP attacked Congress MP Rahul Gandhi today after he attacked the Modi government, alleging mismanagement of the pandemic situation and the mass vaccination program.
The way Gandhi tried to stoke fears has confirmed that the “toolkit”, a controversial document about attacking the government, was drawn up by his party, Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said.
The congressional leader, speaking to reporters via video conference this afternoon, had alleged that the Modi government allowed Covid-19 to spread through a flawed vaccination policy. He criticized the Modi government for exporting vaccines when they were needed at home. With only 3% of the population vaccinated, India remains vulnerable to several more waves of infection, Rahul said.

Taking Gandhi head-on, Prakash Javadekar said that the inoculation exercise in India will be completed in December this year. The Health Ministry has given a roadmap on the production of Rs 216 million doses for December and how 108 million people will be vaccinated, he said.
With more than 20 crore of doses administered so far, India ranks second in the world and vaccination is projected to see a big jump from August, he said.
Gandhi should rather be concerned about the states ruled by Congress, as they have not been able to withdraw their quota from vaccine producers, Javadekar said.
He also criticized Rahul for using words like ‘nautanki’ (theater) for the prime minister.
“It has been confirmed, and there is no need for any proof. It is clear that the toolkit was produced by you. The kind of language you used and the way you tried to stoke confusion and fear among people is part of it. that policy, “Javadekar said.
Javadekar also lashed out at Rahul for doubting the efficacy of domestically produced Covaxin.
(With PTI inputs)

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