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Covaxin production will increase to 6-7 crore doses per month in July-August: Ministry of Health | India News


NEW DELHI: Monthly production of the locally developed Covaxin coronavirus vaccine will increase to 6-7 crore doses in July-August from one crore dose in April, the Union Health Ministry said on Friday.
The production capacity of the vaccine being manufactured by Bharat Biotech is expected to reach nearly 10 crore doses a month in September, the ministry said.
“There have been some unfounded media reports of unaccounted for vaccine doses from Bharat Biotech. These reports are incorrect and not supported by complete information on the matter. The claims that Bharat Biotech has 6 crore doses is a misunderstanding between some sectors that report this matter, “the ministry said in its statement.
Covaxin’s production capacity will double for May-June and then increase almost six-seven times for July-August 2021, that is, it will increase production from 1 crore vaccine doses in April to 6-7 vaccine doses crore / month in July-August. .
“It is expected to reach almost Rs 10 crore per month in September 2021,” the statement said.
This Covaxin capacity increase carried out under Atmanirbhar Bharat 3.0’s COVID Suraksha mission was announced by the Government of India and implemented by the Department of Biotechnology to accelerate the development and production of indigenous punctures.
The vaccine, which is a biologically important medical product, requires time for collection and quality testing, the ministry said, noting that “this cannot be done overnight to ensure a safe product. So Therefore, increasing manufacturing capacity must also be a guided process and an increase in gross production does not translate into immediate supply. ”
According to data collected on the morning of May 28, Bharat Biotech has supplied 2,76,66,860 doses of vaccines to the Government of India. Of these, 2,20,89,880 doses, including waste, have been consumed by states and union territories.
With this, the balance of available doses of vaccines with states and UT is 55,76,980 doses, according to the statement. Private hospitals have also received 13,65,760 doses of Covaxin in the same month in addition to what has been supplied to the Government of India and the states.
“In May, an additional 21,54,440 doses of Covaxin will be supplied. This brings the total vaccine supplied and in the pipeline to date to 3,11,87,060 doses. Almost 90,00,000 doses are committed for the month of June by the manufacturer.” the statement said.

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