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Police summon officials from the barge company and three other companies | India News


MUMBAI: The deck officer (an IRS officer) from Barge Papaa (P-305) communicated a warning about Cyclone Tauktae via emails to all officers of the barge company (Durmast) and their charter agency (Afcons ) May 14, sources. saying. Had the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) been followed immediately, the 75 lives of personnel on board that were lost could have been saved, they said in one day that police summoned officials from four companies, including the barge company and its agency. charterer, with documents for your investigation into the accident.
The barge capsized and sank 70 km from Mumbai in May.
17. The responsibility of a deck officer assigned to the barge of an external agency designated by ONGC includes ensuring compliance with the ONGC marine operation manual by the contractor. The officer mailed the alert on May 14, and this information has been shared with the nautical advisor designated to investigate the matter.
YOU received an official statement from Afcons on May 20 that read: “Preventive measures were taken after receiving the alert on May 14. All our boats were advised to move to a safe location. All vessels, including the P305, began moving out of workplaces on May 14 and
15. The Captain of P305 chose to move 200 m away from the HT platform and remain there, deciding this as a safe location as the maximum predicted wind speed was 40 knots and his location was 120 NM from the eye of the storm. ”

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