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New Moms Thank Odisha Hospitals for Timely Change | India News


BHUBANESHWAR: Dozens of pregnant women in Odisha, with due dates before June 1, were reluctant to go to hospital amid the Covid pandemic and with Cyclone Yaas approaching. After much persuasion by the administration, more than 4,000 pregnant women were transferred to hospitals, of which 774 gave birth in the last two days in 10 districts affected by the cyclone. Now everyone is grateful to the administration for moving them to the hospitals.
Ranu Jena from the Balasore district had been dreaming of the day when she would hear her baby’s first cry. But she had hardly imagined that she would have to give birth to a cyclonic storm that hit the state.
“This is my first installment and I was obviously quite nervous about the Covid situation. My delivery date was Wednesday when the cyclone was expected to hit Balasore. When ASHA didi came and said that he had to be transferred to the hospital, I understood that it was for the safety of me and my son, and I am grateful to the administration for that, ”said Ranu. She gave birth to a healthy boy on Tuesday at the Balasore municipal hospital.
“Moving pregnant women and children to safer places has been our priority,” said Rashmi Ranjan Nayak, deputy secretary of the Odisha Department of Women’s and Child Development.

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