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After Six Months of Protests on Delhi’s Borders, Farmers Plan ‘Mission Uttar Pradesh’ | India News


NEW DELHI: After six months of protests on the Delhi borders, farmers are now preparing for the “Uttar Pradesh Mission”.
With the upcoming assembly elections in UP next year, Samyukta Kisan Morcha, coordinating the farmers’ protest against three approved agricultural laws, demanding their repeal, have decided to campaign against the ruling BJP in the state along with other states that are present to elections. next year.
“Defeating the BJP is the only way out, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to understand only electoral losses,” said Hannan Mollah, All India Secretary General Kisan Sabha, who has been working with farmer agitators.
SKM has yet to come up with an action plan for UP, as there are a few months left, but the idea is to hold maha-panchayats across the state and mobilize farmers with the motto to defeat the BJP.
“We are not asking you to vote for any party, as it is an individual farmers’ choice … ours is a political movement against draconian laws, but not a partisan movement,” Mollah told TOI on Thursday, a day later. to commemorate the six months of the protests on the borders of Delhi.
The results of the recent panchayat elections in UP, where the BJP ruler in the state fared poorly, appear to have encouraged peasant leaders. “It showed that the movement had an impact on the terrain beyond western UP, where farmers have been agitating. Even eastern UP is responding to problems like the MSP … on the ground, farmers are feeling the impact, ”he said.
Peasant leaders had traveled and campaigned in the five states that recently held assembly elections with their message of voting against the BJP. “He seems to have had a good response,” Mollah said.
Meanwhile, observing Black Day across the country on May 26, they say peasant leaders say the movement saw a change of character, where people participated in the protest by waving black flags or wearing black bands or insignia, in instead of a massive mobilization that was not possible due to the pandemic.
“According to our estimate, 20 million million people observed black day across the country. The mass mobilization could not involve so many people.
The idea is that after six months of the movement on the Delhi borders, the peasant leaders plan to gradually turn it into a pan-Indian movement, while the border dharnas continue.
“It may take a long time, but farmers are not coming back after making such a strong move. It is the government who decides how long it will last, ”Mollah said.
Before the six months were completed, SKM had written to the Prime Minister to resume the talks, but that has not happened and therefore SKM is considering a long road.

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