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20 in UP town get Covishield, Covaxin cocktail | India News


LUCK: At least 20 residents of a village on the Nepalese border in UP’s Siddharthnagar district received a cocktail of two shots.
The confusion between the first and second doses took place in the village of Audhai Kalan, where a group of villagers were given Covishield in the first week of April and Covaxin on May 14. Although no one complained about the side effects, the local health office has launched a probe.
Recalling the sequence of events, the villagers accused the health teams of apathy. “I received the first dose of Covishield on April 1, the second vaccine was given on May 14. When I went for my second dose, no one bothered to check my vaccination history and gave me a shot of Covaxin. Now I live in fear of developing diseases, ”said one villager.
Chief Medical Officer Siddhartnagar Dr. Sandeep Chaudhury said: “This is a clear departure from the norms. A vaccine cocktail is not allowed. We requested an investigation and received the report. ”

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