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“The 6-month clause may not apply to other national police teams” | India News


NEW DELHI: The ‘technical’ motive that allegedly removed senior IPS officials such as Rakesh Asthana and YC Modi from the race for the CBI director position (minimum six-month service remaining for a DG-level appointment) may not apply to appointments to other central positions. Police agencies with official sources that insist that the SC ruling in this regard only applies to the DGP’s state selections.
According to senior IPS officials that YOU spoke, the 2019 Supreme Court ruling that only officers with at least six months remaining to retirement will be considered for appointment as DGP belongs exclusively to the state police. A senior government official, who did not want to be named, supported this view. However, YOU it was learned that the application of this rule to the position of director of the CBI was based on an interpretation of the SC ruling that also extends to DG level positions in central police organizations. This may mean that the same cannot be applied to other DG level positions in the Center, leaving the appointment of the CBI director as a unique case.
A senior IPS official said YOU that the appointment of the director of the IWC was in accordance with the process outlined in the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act, in line with the Supreme Court ruling in the Vineet Narain case. “These do not establish any service limitation for the remaining six months,” said the officer.
According to another police officer, if the same rule were applied to senior positions in other central and paramilitary police organizations (RAW, Intelligence Bureau, BSF, CRPF, ITBP, CISF, NSG, etc.), many senior IPS officers could lose. about eligibility. “What can make things worse is that sometimes high positions in the central police are not filled as soon as they become vacant,” the officer noted. In most of the appointments to the head of the central police or paramilitary organizations, the elected officers had more than six months’ tenure in office. Both RAW and IB bosses have a fixed term of two years.

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