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‘Temporary supply delay, everyone will be vaccinated fairly’ | India News


The CoWin The platform has been flooded after registrations for the 18-44-year-old group opened. The infatuation will ease with increased supplies, National Health Authority head RS Sharma He said Sushmi dey. Excerpts from the interview:
You find a lot of noise around CoWin these days, mainly because users can’t find a space when trying to schedule appointments.
CoWin facilitates the registration of users and the programming of vaccination spaces, in addition to other utilities. While registration is open to all, scheduling depends on the availability and supply of vaccines. For example, if only 100 passenger trains with a capacity of 1,000 passengers run daily, and 10 lakh people log into IRCTC to book, we know where the problem is coming from. Additionally, the noise began to emerge particularly after enrollment for the 18-44 age group opened. You will be surprised how sharply skewed the supply and demand for vaccines is. The ratio is 6.5: 1, which was an alarming 11: 1 a week ago. As supply catches up with demand, this noise around CoWin will subside as it is unfounded.
While the slots are sometimes visible in green, they are reserved the moment one enters the captcha. Is this situation expected to improve?
• Comparing records through CoWin to a faster first finger contest or lottery is a fallacy. There are no winners here to take it all, as the limitation on vaccine supply is only temporary. The transparency provided by CoWin guarantees that there is no information asymmetry. As the supply of vaccines catches up with demand, all citizens must be assured that everyone will receive their vaccines fairly and equitably.
What is the current accumulation of registered users waiting to reserve a space and how many of them are between 18 and 44 years old?
• More than 23 million users have been registered as of May 21, with 15 million rupees receiving at least one dose and 4 million rupees in both doses. However, what is interesting is that Rs 5.5 crore of the Rs 9 crore order book comes from the 18-44 support. This is mainly due to supply shortages, which is evident in various state governments. that restrict vaccines for this age group.
What is the objective of making the online reservation of vaccination places mandatory for people between 18 and 44 years old?
• CoWin drives vaccination administration in India. However, it only follows the vaccination administration policy, which is driven by the central government. This policy is constantly evolving depending on the availability of vaccine supply. We are not against walk-ins, since about 57% of the 19 million million vaccines administered have been walk-ins.
CoWin has faced criticism for creating a digital divide, leading to discrimination from those on the other side of technology. Some feel that it is affecting the equity of vaccines, particularly in rural areas and those that do not have access to the Internet or smartphones.
• A centralized digital system in CoWin builds faith in citizens, allowing a single source of truth for all stakeholders. To make the system accessible to everyone, we have simplified the registration process. One-word / monosyllabic questions have been used to overcome language barriers. To further aid this concern, we will soon launch the option to choose from 14 vernacular languages. Subscriptions and registrations only require mobile phone numbers, name, age and gender. CoWin offers up to seven identification options. We have equipped more than 250,000 Community Service Centers (CSCs) to assist rural citizens with registrations. Also, we are in the process of starting call centers at NHA (National Health Authority) to help people register via phone calls. It is also vital to challenge the narrative of the lack of internet access in rural India. If we put the data into perspective, 150 million people have downloaded the Aarogya Setu, more than 3 billion UPI transactions are made each month, 60 million users have registered with DigiLocker, and 4.28 billion documents have been issued. digital.
Does CoWin prioritize data collection over vaccination coverage?
• The claim that technology enables data collection and does not facilitate vaccination coverage is an oxymoron. CoWin ensures that a person receives the same vaccine the first and second time, while precisely defining the time interval between the two doses based on the brand. Sensitive personal data that could threaten individual privacy is not collected.
How would you address concerns about job search scripts like Paytm or Telegram Increase the digital divide and create a risk of exposure of medical data to third parties?
• The CoWin APIs have been opened to third-party developers to help outreach. These APIs only allow citizens to check the available spaces in nearby centers and access their vaccination certificates. The records have been centralized through CoWin to bypass any proxy and safeguard the rails. For example, authentication at registration requires a phone number and an OTP, along with a Captcha verification that prevents scripts from bypassing the registration. We have further strengthened the system by entering a 4-digit security code. There is no downside to the general public as these APIs cannot be selected online to favor any individual.

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