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Central Vista: CPWD to transplant 1,838 trees for the construction of three new buildings | India News

NEW DELHI: CPWD has decided to transplant 1,838 trees from the campus of the Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts (IGNCA), which is proposed to be demolished for the construction of three new office buildings as part of the Central Vista remodeling project.
The Central Department of Public Works has called bids according to which the agency in question must transplant trees in 60 days and 365 days will be for the maintenance of the transplanted trees.
The CPWD said that the entire project will be executed at an estimated cost of around Rs 1.86 million.
Last month, CPWD had invited tenders for three new office buildings under the Common Central Secretariat along Rajpath at a cost of Rs 3,269 crore and Rs 139 crore set aside for five-year maintenance.
These three new buildings will reach the plot where the Indira Gandhi National Arts Center is currently located.
According to the tenders for tree transplantation, there are 2,219 trees (approximately) in plot number 137, of which 1,838 trees (approximately) are to be transplanted.
There are 1,150 trees that have a circumference of up to 50 cm, which will be transplanted, the offers indicated, adding that there are also 401 trees that have a circumference of more than 50 cm and up to 90 cm.
In the bidding documents, CPWD said it aims to avoid tree felling as much as possible and instead transplant affected trees, within the site or in the immediate vicinity, in a staggered manner.
The tree’s circumference and height will be measured and recorded prior to the start of any activity, CPWD said, adding that the bidder will submit photographs of each tree prior to the start of the translocation process. The tree will be geotagged before and after transplanting.
“Tree lifting must be performed or supervised by a qualified and / or suitably experienced person and the crane operator using a crane and supports. It must be ensured that there is no damage to the ground ball or any scraping or gouging of the root system … The tree must remain intact without damaging its root system, trunk and crown ”, he affirmed.
The entire translocation process will be graphed on video and sent biweekly to CPWD. A fine of Rs 5,000 will be imposed if the agency fails to do so.
The agency will conduct a social audit and obtain a certified “survivorship assessment report” at the end of each maintenance subperiod (quarterly) to determine the survival rate.
The redevelopment of the Central View, the nation’s energy corridor, envisages a new parliament building, a common central secretariat, the renovation of the 3 km Rajpath from Rashtrapati Bhavan to India Gate, the new residence of the Prime Minister and the prime minister. ” s office, and a new vice president enclave.

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