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Center Believes Farmers Would Get Tired And Stop Protesting Farm Laws: NCP | India News


MUMBAI: On Wednesday, the NCP criticized the Center, saying it had the impression that the farmers, who have been agitating on the Delhi borders against three agricultural laws for the past six months, would get tired and abandon their protest.
In a statement, NCP national spokesman Nawab Malik said farmers were observing a black day on Wednesday as they completed six months of their peaceful protest against the core laws.
Farmers waving at three border points in Delhi, Singhu, Ghazipur and Tikri, raised black flags, shouted anti-government slogans, burned effigies and held protest marches while observing “black day” on Wednesday.
Fourteen political parties, including the NCP, have extended their support for the protest and urged citizens to show solidarity through social media platforms.
“The central government thinks that the farmers would stop protesting because they got tired of agitating during the six months. The Supreme Court has also stopped the implementation of the central laws. It was the duty of the Center to talk to the people, who have been protesting for the last six months. months against their decision, ”Malik, a Maharashtra minister, said in a statement.
Thousands of protesting farmers had come to Delhi’s borders on November 26 last year to protest against the new agricultural laws.

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