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Apologizing or Facing Rs 1 Billion Lawsuit, IMA Tells Ramdev | India News


DEHRADHUN: The Indian Medical Association (IMA) -Uttarakhand sent an energetic letter to Ramdev saying if he does not post a video on social media withdrawing his controversial comments on allopathy drugs and submits a written apology within the next 15 days, he would be served with a 1 billion rupee defamation notice.
The letter was sent on May 25 by lawyer Neeraj Pandey on behalf of IMA-Uttarakhand. The two-page letter, a copy of which is with TOI, says that Ramdev “turned antagonistic towards IMA as well as allopathy after the national body of physicians sought information under RTI about his Divya Swasari Coronil Kit in February 2021 as part of his efforts to dispel misinformation being spread by the yoga guru regarding Covid treatment. ”
The IMA central body wrote a letter to Prime Minister Modi on Wednesday, asking him to stop Ramdev’s “disinformation campaign” against the Covid vaccine and to register him for sedition.
“When you (Modi) started the launch of the vaccine, IMA leaders were the first to get the vaccine and dispel the vaccine hesitation,” he said, adding that “if someone claims that allopathic medicine has killed people It is an attempt to challenge the ministry that has issued us a protocol for treatment. ”
IMA called Ramdev’s comments “a deliberate move to stop vaccination efforts” and asked Modi to stop him immediately.
IMA said Ramdev “spread confusion and fear regarding vaccine side effects in people’s minds. It should remove all advertisements related to Coronil kits within 76 hours of receiving the letter. or otherwise an FIR would be registered against him. ”

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