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Warships return after the Tauktae mission | India News


Warships return after the Tauktae mission | India News

MUMBAI: The Six Indians Navy The INS warships Kochi, Kolkata, Betwa, Beas, Teg and Talwar, which were part of the search and rescue operations for the barge Papaa (P-305), have sailed back to the naval dock in the last two days after 188 people were rescued and recovered. 70 corps of P-305 crew members. The barge sank about 70 km from Mumbai on May 17 in the wake of Cyclone Tauktae.
Monday, catamaran The reconnaissance vessel INS Makar, together with the patrol vessel INS Tarasa, returned to port while INS Subhadra will continue to patrol. The Navy has now turned over the search operation to the Indian Coast Guard.
According to the missing persons registry, the Navy has recovered 70 bodies of P-305 personnel.


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