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Social media companies lose their legal shield on user posts | India News

NEW DELHI: Big social media companies like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and WhatsApp lose legal protection for user content posted on their platforms as of today and are responsible for Indian civil and criminal laws like any another common or ordinary citizen. local entity.
Until yesterday, they enjoyed immunity from content posted by any external user on their platforms. The only obligation for them was to remove any illegal content that they saw on their own, or when the state, the courts or any responsible / aggrieved party pointed them out. It is now a civil and criminal liability for them for any illegal posting, be it in words, an image, or a video.
Companies, clearly baffled by the new rules for large social media intermediaries, which were announced on February 25 this year, can opt for a legal challenge to protect their officials, as well as operations in India, in case of what government it does not grant an extension in the implementation of the norms (they were given three months to prepare for the new regime).
“However, a constructive dialogue with the government remains the first option, and any decision to go to court is only made later,” company officials told TOI, on condition of anonymity. However, the firm stance taken by the government in recent months regarding content posted on social media platforms (some related to posts about farmer protests and the seemingly inept handling of the second wave of Covid) leaves companies very vulnerable to legal action, analysts. say.

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