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Kerala High Court: We are aware of what is happening in Lakshadweep | India News


KOCHI: With the Congress led by the UDF and the ruling CPM led the left in Kerala on the warpath over the events in Lakshadweep On the actions of the new Union Territory Administrator Praful Patel, the Kerala High Court on Tuesday also heavily influenced the way things are happening there.
Hearing public interest litigation about how actions there have caused problems, Judge Vinod Chandran said that they are aware of what is happening there and that they do not have to rely on social media or reports from media, but have their own. way of knowing things.
The court, after hearing the petition, suspended the transfer of two deputy prosecutors from two islands to Kavarati and asked the administrator to explain why the two were transferred and asked them to return to government service.
The Superior Court requested the details of the same to the auxiliary judge of the island and it was after reviewing this report, the court suspended the transfer.
For the past few days, all the major political parties that exclude the BJP in Kerala are up in arms over the way things are happening under the regime of Patel, a former Gujarat interior minister.
Twice on Tuesday, former Chief Minister Oommen Chandy said that the peace and quiet that has always prevailed on the island has vanished with Patel’s arrival.
“The entire time the administration was in charge of an IAS officer and things changed for the worse with the arrival of Patel. The introduction of the Goonda Law in a place like the island, where the crime rate is relatively low and it haunts people using it to take action against people who protested during the CAA and NRC. Also, the way quarantine rules were enforced there also led to the spread of Covid. Also the act of removing beef from the menu and the repeal of the prohibition rules have caused riots and these things should not happen, “said Chandy.
Meanwhile, the new opposition leader in the Kerala Assembly, VD Satheesan, on Tuesday wrote a letter to the Union Minister of the Interior, Amit Shah, demanding that Patel be called in, as his actions have seriously affected the islanders.

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