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IUML urges the Center to remove the administrator of Lakshadweep | India News

PUDUCHERRY: The Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) has urged the Union government to withdraw Lakshadweep the administrator Praful Khoda Patel accuses him of trying to communalize the island, which has a 99% Muslim population.
IUML National Organizing Secretary and Lok Sabha member ET Muhammed Basheer said there were proposals to ban meat consumption, introduce the draconian Goondas Law to suppress voices of protest and bring cases against fishermen on shaky terrain.
“The BJP is sowing poisonous seeds in Lakshadweep, where more than 99% of Muslims live. There have been strong protests against this on the island itself. Praful Khoda Patel, who was appointed by the central government as Lakshadweep administrator, is believed to have it gave him the task of communalizing the island as soon as possible, “Basheer said.
He said attempts have been launched to ban meat consumption on the island where 99% of Muslims live. He said the administration had fired local sanitation workers and anganwadi.
“The island has always had an innocent face. It also has a great historical and cultural heritage. The government is now trying to implement the Goonda Law. They believe that things will be easier if they have the draconian coal law to suppress the voices.” of protest. Fishing is their main livelihood. It is also common practice to file lawsuits against fishermen for poor terrain, “he said.
Basheer said he raised the issue in Parliament on February 13 this year.

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